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What is a Franchise Consultant, and What Do They Do?

The definition of what a franchise consultant does is relatively self-explanatory. They operate within the confines of a franchise consulting group or firm and meet with and discuss franchise ownership options with those considering owning their own business. They can also help new entrepreneurs  acquire the necessary funding to get their dream business off on the right track.  

The Business World’s Best Kept Secret  

For many people just getting started in the world of franchising, there’s quite a lot to learn. This is in no way a deterrent for newcomers, just a statement regarding the complexity of franchising. If this is your first rodeo in the world of franchising, then a franchise consultant can be the best ally you have in getting on the fast track to success. These men and women are a fundamental part of the industry and are critical to the continued growth and development of many franchisors and business owners. 

The Duties of a Franchise Consultant  

In the simplest of terms, consider the franchise consultant the same way you would a guidance counselor. More than that, they’re also a teacher and guiding light as you take your first steps into franchising. Their first step is to listen to a potential candidate and determine if owning and operating a franchise is right for them. This can depend on many factors, from the type of lifestyle the candidate wants, to their skills, experience and strengths, to the amount of liquid capital they have access to and their overall net worth. The business world is highly competitive and isn’t made for everyone. If the candidate is a good fit for franchising, the consultant will research among the hundreds of franchise opportunities available, recommend a few that meet the candidate’s criteria, and help them decide which opportunity would be ideal for them to pursue.  

What Traits Do Good Franchise Consultants Have?  

A franchise consultant must have good relationship building and people skills, be an attentive listener, and an excellent communicator. The most successful consultants are similar to counselors—there must be trust between the consultant and candidate, attentive listening to their client's goals and concerns and a skill in offering advice on where they should focus their attention. There is also an element of artistry that cannot be overlooked. They must be able to read between the lines to some extent. A consultant should be able to anticipate and mitigate a candidate’s hesitancy and fear of the unknown while also figuring out if there are other parties who’s buy-in is essential (i.e. a partner or spouse,) before getting too far down the path. The bottom line is, the most successful franchise consultants always put the client’s interests first, no matter what. Even if a potential candidate decides to step back and pursue other avenues, they may resurface another time and they can also be a valuable source of referrals.  

The Best Franchise Consultants at 

Working with a franchise consultant is the most effective, efficient path to finding your dream business and becoming an entrepreneur. Plus, franchisors have mapped out the entire process and provide training and tons of support so their franchisees are successful.  Opportunities don’t come to those who are idle, and they don’t knock every day. At, we offer the resources and tools you need. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and discover the future that awaits you.