Franchise Operations Manuals

We are dedicated to helping you provide your franchisees with a professional Franchise Operations Manual in as little as 90 days, at an affordable cost. As you grow, keeping your manuals, guides, and playbooks updated and modernized is critical to making sure these assets don’t become a liability.

Your franchise operations manual (ops man) is the foundation of your system, but it’s also one of the most important documents for any franchisee or prospective franchisee to review. Not only is the ops man a requirement for the FDD, but it’s also the basis for how you sell to and train operators. It’s the core of training your first few franchised units, a standards guide for maintaining brand consistency, and the first indication to prospective franchisees that you know your system inside and out.



90-120 Day Turnaround

Franchise Operations manuals are essential to ensure that your business is a success. It's important to plan out the layout before you start. We create the entire manual for your franchise system!



90-Day Turnaround

Your operations manual is an essential part of your company's brand, and it should reflect the best of your company's standards and practices. As you grow, you'll want to make sure that your manual continues to reflect those standards.

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Customized Table of Content ONLY

60-Day Turnaround

The best way to plan out a layout of your franchise operations manual is by creating a table of contents of all of your outlined areas. We want to help make sure your business is a success!

Franchise operations manuals are not just for operations.

They can be an important sales tool as well. It can make the franchisee feel like they are part of a team. It helps them get their feet wet with the brand and feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Manuals can also be a tool that can help close more sales by giving prospects a clear understanding of how everything works behind-the-scenes at your company. A well-designed manual shows off your brand and helps attract better franchisees because it represents a company that has their affairs in order, which is what Experienced Operators want from an investment opportunity.