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How to Get Involved in Your Local Business Community as a Franchisee

When you decide to become a franchisee, some of the most beneficial relationships you can build are within your local and regional business community. Connecting with other business owners can help you gain new customers, be a learning resource, and grow your business overall. Here are some tips to help you get involved in your local and regional business community as a new or already established franchisee.

Take Advantage of Technology

In today’s world, you can find an app to help you with whatever you’re trying to accomplish. Multiple online and digital resources can help you meet and connect with business members in your local community. If you’re searching for a specific industry or location, LinkedIn Groups are a great place to start. Technology allows you to eliminate hectic scheduling when it comes to business gatherings. With LinkedIn Groups all you’ll have to do is refresh your app!

Network Events

Technology also brings a whole new level to business events. Since the pandemic, online community meet-ups have grown in popularity rather than in-person gatherings. Apps such as Meetup can recommend business and social communities to you based on your location. This app makes it easier to meet business owners in the same industry compared to traditional networking events.

One-on-One Networks

If you prefer one-on-one conversations rather than group settings, there are also plenty of online networking options for you. The Shapr app is a great tool to meet professionals from your local business community. After meeting on the app you can eventually further the relationship through in-person meetings over coffee or after-work drinks. On this app, you can express your goals, find mentors, or even hire employees.

Chamber of Commerce

As a franchisee, it would be in your best interest to join a Chamber of Commerce. A Chamber of Commerce is another form of a business network. Becoming a member will not only give you a voice, but it will also create opportunities to meet with other local business leaders from a variety of industries. You could also aspire to be a board member, which opens opportunities to lend your experience and advocate on a city, county, or state level. You could be a speaker on issues and policies that affect your local business community and find colleagues who can offer advice, become mentors, or provide customer and client referrals.

Now that you have the tools to get involved in your local business community, see what else can do to help you thrive. Reach out to us at 640 Freedom Business Center Drive, Suite 131, in King of Prussia. Call us today at 833-372-6249 to request a free consultation!