5 Tips for Selling Franchises

When it comes to selling franchises, there are some basic tools and tips that have withstood the test of time. Even though franchising continues to grow in popularity, the advice still holds true. A few generic sales tips can make a huge difference. Let’s look at these valuable and sometimes underused tips that can make you even more successful when selling franchises.

Always Smile

A simple but not always obvious tip is to always smile. People want to be near someone with positive energy. Making a sale can become easier by ditching any negativity that you may be feeling. We’re taught to smile from a young age and that piece of advice should always follow with us into our careers. A smile is the same in any language and can be the reason you make or break a deal. Remember, smiles come through over the phone, too.

Ask for Time

In the world of business, everyone’s time is precious. If you’re planning a call to a potential buyer or anyone in your field be sure to ask if they have the time to talk. This tip has been forgotten by many and will make the person on the other end of the line feel appreciated. Asking for time is a courtesy and will give you extra points when it comes to potential buyers.

Record Yourself

You may not realize this is an important step but it’s crucial to hear what you sound like when attempting to make a sale. Most people don’t like the way they sound on a recording so it’s time to make a change. Recording your own voice is the only way to really hear what your potential buyers are hearing. This can help you make the improvements or adjustments needed to sound more professional.

Build Connections

It’s crucial to learn how to build a proper rapport with anyone that you’re working with. It’s not as easy as just asking someone how they are, you want to make sure you’re working towards an actual connection. You’ll want to build friendships and most importantly gain a prospect’s respect.

Use a “Scale”

When it comes to closing a sale there are hundreds of tips that you can follow. One of the most important is to use a scale to determine how your potential buyer is feeling. For example, the question you’ll be asking is “Mr. Blank, on a 1 to 10 scale, if you were ready to buy today, how likely is it that we would move forward right now?” The number they answer with will help you understand how they feel about your potential sale. If it’s a low number, you can also ask how you can help get it to a 10. This is one of the most underused tips regarding sales and will be of great value to you.

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