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Four Essential Ways that Franchisors Can Coach Franchisees into Powerful Managers of Personnel

The cultural shift that we all experienced during the global pandemic was massive, to say the least. The result was that many people sought more freedom over their time and decided to enter the business world. Some chose franchising as the path to business ownership. With greater interest in business ownership, franchisors should be selecting the right candidates to represent their brand. This also means that it’s more essential than ever to provide new franchisees with the essential skills and training to become successful extensions of the brand they’re representing.

Leading By Example to Guarantee Success

Abraham Lincoln once stated that “without vision, a people perish”. His philosophy on government can also apply to the business world. Having a vision and applying it to a mission statement is how businesses stay focused and implement strategies to stay ahead. Success is achieved by having a vision, effectively and frequently communicating it, and not deviating from it.

Having a Few Outstanding Individuals

Having a vision and implementing a strategy is only part of the equation for generating success. A franchisee must have the right team working for them if they wish to succeed. This isn’t just finding people capable of handling daily tasks; it means getting people who believe in the mission statement and are driven to do their best daily. The franchisor often has processes and procedures for hiring staff including job descriptions, training, employment policies and more to help you find, hire and keep a strong, committed team.

Utilizing Data

The business world is always evolving. One of the factors that success hinges on is the collection and proper usage of data. This has much more to do with simply collecting numbers. The successful businessperson learns to understand the rise and fall of trends in the market and also how to target the right demographic with their marketing. It’s important to have a consistent digital presence and to actively engage and monitor activity. Monitoring your business’s social media pages can give you an idea of what is and isn’t working.

Resolving Problems with Long-Term Solutions

Success or failure can often come down to problem-solving. But solving problems is futile if you can’t implement a solution and prevent them from happening again. Franchisees should be equipped with problem-solving skills to not just navigate the bumps in the road but to learn from them. Holding leadership meetings, listening to the questions and concerns of employees, and aiming for transparent communication is an important factor in building trust and partnership, which are key to maximizing success and minimizing turnover rate.

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