How Franchisors Can Help Franchisees Attract Local Customers

A common mistake made by many franchise owners is that while they plan to promote their brand to attract potential owners, they put less emphasis on utilizing PR to attract customers to their individual locations. Success depends upon the continued promotion of the businesses that exist within your network and ensuring that they reach success in the different communities in which they’re located. They’re the backbone of your brand and the reason for its continued growth and success. Here are a few tips for how you as a franchisor can help your franchisees attract customers in their local communities.

How Franchisors Can Help Franchisees Attract Local Customers

Earned Media

While marketing is an essential aspect of the business and franchising world, there’s another tool that can be just as important in attracting customers. This is what’s known as earned media. These consist of third-party product reviews, interviews, and any publicity not paid for by you. Here’s a breakdown of some examples.

Product Reviews – These are more valuable than you might think because they can influence the behavior of potential customers. Many potential customers read reviews on third-party sites and use them as a barometer for which products they might be interested in.

Word-of-Mouth – Discourse is not dead. Many people are inclined to try new things if their friends recommend them.

Search Engine Traffic – Nearly 227 million people use Google on an hourly basis. Social media shares from third-party entities can result in more people coming across the webpage for your products and services to instantly take notice.

Franchising in the News

A news article or feature story is not a commercial. If you are considering reaching out to reporters to pitch a story, make sure that what you have to share is newsworthy. What issue or problem are you solving? Does your service or product take a contrary approach to others in your industry? Has your brand created the best thing since sliced bread? You better be ready to back up your claim with objective, third party facts. Also, consider what audience you want to reach and the best medium to reach them.

Expansion – If you have a franchise that’s opening soon and has to hire a workforce, this can be seen as economic development that a local reporter will gladly discuss as it benefits the local community.

Human Interest – Reporters are always looking to shine a light on community involvement. Having your team contribute to a local charity or host an event that supports one is news everyone wants to know about.

Representation & PR

Finding the right person and organization to represent your brand in the media is one of the most crucial choices you can make. Some news organizations are more reputable than others, and some newscasters are more favorable for certain demographics. Hiring a public relations expert can help tailor your brand to be represented to the customers you want to reach and show your brand in a positive light.

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