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Is Franchising Right for You and Your Goals?

It’s been remarked before that dreams are goals with deadlines. As a business owner, you’ve proven to be adept at success. You went on your own and defied the odds. The time has come to take your success a step further. Becoming a franchisor is a significant power play in the business world. You’ve succeeded once, and now with the right team, you have a chance to replicate it. While you might think you’re ready to do so, timing is everything. Like the chessboard, every move from this point forward could mean the difference between success and failure.

Franchising Right for Goals


Success comes in a wide variety of forms. While you might not have the worldwide success that McDonald’s has garnered, just having a duplicate of your brand will mean increased brand recognition. You need a certain level of ambition and the right people. You’ll need to train them and equip them with the knowledge to succeed in a market that’s constantly evolving by leaps and bounds. To know if you’re ready or not, there are four goals that your priorities should correlate with.

The Cornerstones of Success

These four goals are what successful franchisors strive for. Examining them along with your own priorities gives you a clearer picture of where you stand.

  • Expansion & Recognition Many business owners don’t simply enter the world of franchising to maximize their profits. They do so to expand their brand and become recognized by a whole new demographic in order to bring their product or service to help more people. This is accomplished by establishing your franchises in new locations, be they another city, state, or even country.
  • Find the Right People and Lead By Example Finding the right team – aka franchisees — who will represent your brand is only half of this cornerstone. Just like actors on a stage, they won’t know what to do if they don’t have the appropriate direction. You need to award new franchises to people who are passionate about your brand and driven to succeed. Then you’ll need to train them in the necessary procedures and make sure that they understand that following your “formula” to the letter is the best opportunity they have to replicate your success. Lead by example and be willing to answer any questions that your new franchisees might have.
  • Separate & Equal It’s not just a matter of replicating success by making an exact replica. It’s a matter of overseeing the quality standard and seeing that it’s appropriately adhered to. There’s always a new bridge to cross. It’s a process, and success depends on staying ahead of the game.
  • Competitive Nature When you first entered the business world, you quickly learned how competitive it could be. Franchising, or running any business, means staying sharp and always aware of competitors, market trends, technology upgrades, changes in consumer behavior and more.

The world of franchising is a fast-paced one. If you feel you’re ready but unsure how to start, the experts at can help you get started on the right path. Give us a call today at 833-372-6249.