The Role of a Franchisor

In recent times we’ve seen the rise of entrepreneurs and franchise owners as a popular career choice. If starting a franchise or franchising your already successful business has crossed your mind, it’s important to think of a few factors before making a final decision. Something you should be familiar with is understanding the role and responsibilities you’ll be taking on as a franchisor. Let’s take a closer look at these roles to better prepare you for this exciting next step in your career.

The Role of a Franchisor

Formalizing Systems

Your main goal as a franchisor will be to take into consideration what’s worked and what hasn’t worked for your business to create a formalized system. These systems and procedures will then be taught and taken on by future franchisees. One of your roles is to pave the way and encourage your franchisee’s success. These agreements will become legal documents prepared by your franchise lawyer and followed for years to come.


One of your most important franchisor roles will be communication. It’s important to be able to communicate good business ideas and express effectively how you want business models to be followed. Communication and great customer service are similar skills that should be mastered to achieve higher success. Clear communication with both your employees and customers will be extremely beneficial to your business.

Provide Leadership

As the boss, it’s crucial to provide a sense of leadership. You’re the main example of the type of working environment and mentality that you want your staff and business to follow. You’ll also be setting the rules that every person working at your franchise should be following. Employee training and corporate franchise training sessions for management are roles and responsibilities that you’ll be taking on. Taking courses from headquarters are other valuable steps to follow to become the best leader you can be.

Continued Support

In most franchise agreements you’ll see a requirement of franchisors to provide ongoing support to the franchisees. This role of support will include technical and daily operating advice. You’ll also have the role of overseeing the entire operations of the franchise network. Providing support such as financial assistance or providing connections to the correct professional help will give your employees the confidence they need to achieve success. A work environment where employees feel supported is a healthy one.

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